Faculty of Pharmacy in Brno

Faculty of Pharmacy in Brno



Length of Study

5 years

Tuition fee/ Per year

6700 Euro

Entrance exam

Biology, Chemistry

Date & Place of the entrance exam

June, in Limassol

Accommodation in Dormitories

150 Euro per month



The Faculty of Pharmacy enables Master's and Doctoral studies, and takes part in Lifelong Learning. Master's studies are conducted within the framework of the Master's degree program in the field of Pharmacy in the languages of Czech and English language. The standard length of study is 5 years. The study is full-time. Studies include not only subjects from the group of basic sciences, mainly focusing on biology and chemistry, but also subjects connected with human health, and subjects from the domain of pharmaceutical-oriented subjects, dealing with natural drugs, chemical drugs, drug technology, pharmacology and toxicology and social pharmacy. During studies, the students gain knowledge of drugs, medicinal preparations, their technological processing, and about the effects of drugs on the human body. Education takes place during lectures, in practical classes, seminars and controlled job training (practice). At the conclusion of studies, students undergo a six months internship in pharmacies. Studies conclude with a final state exam, a part of which is the defence of the student's diploma thesis. After successful completion of studies, graduates acquire the title of "Master" (abbreviated "Mgr.", listed before one's name). Graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy traditionally find work primarily in pharmacies, but also in pharmaceutical research, manufacturing and distribution of drugs. The current graduate is capable of taking part in the treatment process and, in cooperation with a physician, to select the optimum medicinal preparation for effective treatment. After successfully completing the Master study programme, and based on the defence of an advanced diploma thesis and upon completing a advanced state exam, the graduate may gain the title of "Doctor of Pharmacy" (abbreviated "PharmDr.", listed before one's name).